We are so excited to officially launch our book in honor of National Kidney Month on March 16th, 2017. Our dear friend and local author/publisher, Reji Laberje, wrote this heart-warming story about waiting for our magic bean.Little Bean” is/was a work of love from the author, who’s own husband stepped joe and rejiforward to be tested as a match for us, and has been part of our kidney journey for years. We can’t thank her enough for this beautiful book!


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Book Summary (via Amazon):  More than the story of the arrival of a “miracle baby”, Little Bean invites you to experience the journey of a newlywed couple as they wait for a new Kidney to save the husband from his disease. Celebrate LIFE in this true-story inspired tale of living kidney donation and how it didn’t just save one man’s life; it also made new life possible in the form of the birth of a baby who was thought impossible. Told through the voice of the baby, in Reji Laberje’s signature melodic rhymes, Little Bean’s journey is beautifully and vividly illustrated by up-and-coming artist, Spenser Bower, making the inspirational story enjoyable at any age.

The illustration were masterfully created by a local artist, Spencer Bower, using pastels, he exquisitely bought the story to life. spencer

Page 11 edited

Clearly, the stork represents our kidney donor, Mary Kay Diderrich, who makes this book possible, watch for MK’s initials hidden in the wings.

Also, because we are a bit quirky and artistic ourselves, there are hidden beans through out the book…how many can you find?


Please let us know if you or your organization would like to order in bulk at a discounted rate,




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