This is the brief synopsis of my kidney-challenged story, we will break down bits and pieces as we grow our site.

david beckham

In 2007, I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, also known as Berger’s Disease.  I was put on a medicinal therapy that included a high dose of the steroid prednisone.  I was told that the likelihood of remission as a result of this treatment was low, and my kidneys would eventually fail, and I would be in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), meaning I would need to go on dialysis and ultimately have a kidney transplant. (Me, pictured on the right…oh wait, nope that’s David Beckham)

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My kidneys did fail in November of 2011, just two months after I married my wife Angela (in sickness and in health!).  I was immediately put on the transplant list and began preparation to go on dialysis until a match kidney could be found.

Diderrich family

Our dear friend, MaryKay Diderrich (pictured on the back of her daughter Emily), offered to donate one of her kidneys to me, and after a long and tough process, she was found to be a match.  On November 6, 2012, we went in for our transplant surgery.  MaryKay’s surgeon told us later that her kidney was the most beautiful he had ever seen; he even wanted to take a picture of it!  MaryKay made it through the surgery and was home in two days.  I was able to go home after five days, and I never knew how good I could feel.  I had been sick, run down, and just generally not feeling well for so many years, I forgot what it felt like to actually feel well.  My kidney was functioning from the moment the surgeon let it flow, I never had to do any post-op dialysis!

Hi I'm leftskikk and mike

Because of MaryKay’s beautiful kidney (we call her “Leftski”), Angela and I were able to have not one, but two wonderful, healthy boys: Liam Timothy MK, and Shayden Miles K.  Liam calls Mary Kay “Auntie KK”, and someday those boys will understand the gift their Auntie KK gave to their dad, and that he and they are alive because of her.


the boys

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Mike and Angela Nicloy

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